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Site still under construction...check back soon for more updates!!! (Still looking through my collection for what's worthy of being put on the site)

Email me at or if the Drexel address isn't working like it so often does.

I'm new to the Dream Theater trading world...if you check out my old site, you'll see what I mean when I say I've been doing the tape trading thing for a while. Of course, I've been out for so long I think the general standard is CD-R at this point, not the loads of Hendrix cassettes that I possess. I'm always willing to trade that old stuff too, but I really listen more to Opeth and Dream Theater, so that's where I'd like to focus my trading. I am also interested in any VCDs of shows or VHS, but VCD is preferred. Contact me if you see anything you like and are interested in a deal!

Also, email me if you wish to obtain setlists. As of right now I haven't had the time to add them into this page but I do have them if you wish to know.

3/23/02 - Philadelphia, PA 3CD A- I was at this show, which is why I got this bootleg. James is off at times but otherwise a great show.
Dance of Eternity  2CD  A+  A classic bootleg; a must have for all Dream Theater fans. Amazing quality, too. 
November 11, 1997 "Stream of Consciousness" A 2CD Great show from the Touring Into Infinity tour
November 6, 1993 "Live in Nurnberg"  2CD  A-  Nothing overly special about this show, just an uncommon bootleg

Videos (I own a hacked DVD player which can copy DVD/VCDs to VHS if needed)

G3 2001 from NYC  VHS  A-  Camcorder bootleg from the balcony, great zooms, highly recommended 
1/24/95  VHS  A+  Off WOWOW TV, pro shot, great setlist 
3/27/02  DVD  Camcorder bootleg from the balcony, great zooms, a great show (DVD Sourced, can be copied to VHS...sorry, no DVD burner!)
Majesty in the Basement VHS  Home recording of the band during their When Dream and Day Unite phase. An actual basement practice/performance! A must for any hardcore fan.