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As you can see, I started collecting other bands besides Hendrix recently.
I am very interested in Pink Floyd, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Led Zeppelin (in no particular order of importance). 

5/26/76 -- The Roxy Theatre, LA, A, FM - 70 min. 6/10/75 -- Quiet Knight Club, Chicago, A, SBD - 60 min. 6/14/78 -- Sheraton, CT, A+, SBD, 90 min. 6/24/76 -- Stardust Club, London, A, SBD, 90 min. (filler 12/7/75)
STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN -- Lost In Austin 1989, SBD, A+, 75 min. STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN -- Unplugged and Jamming STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN -- "Couldn't Stand The Weather" and "Soul to Soul" sessions 10/29/89 -- McNichols Arena, Denver, A+, SBD - 65 min. STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN -- Daytona Beach, The Ocean Center, 1987, A+, SBD - 70 min.
4/30/89 -- Grand Ol' Opry, A+, AUD - 90 min. Generation Club (supposedly taped by Hendrix himself!!!), impossible to hear BB, personally, I don't even think he's there. BB King In Sweden 1997
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin -- The Collection (3 small shows -- 3/15/69, 6/16/69, 6/23/69...some of these are on "BBC Sessions", A, SBD, 90 min.
Pink Floyd
-- 5/9/77, Oakland, A, SBD, 90 min. (6/16/75 as filler on this tape) -- 5/9/77 (2nd tape), Oakland, A, SBD, 90 min. (filler: "One of These Days" and more) My list of non-Hendrix bands have been "hit" times.